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RN-MSN - Executive Nurse Leadership

Format: Online

Program Description:

If you’re an R.N. who has long-term career goals that involve educating others, using data sets and technologies, or executive management, you’ll save time and money with this accelerated, dual-degree program that offers three specializations.

You’ll earn both the B.S.N. and M.S.N. credentials and eliminate an entire semester of courses than if you were to complete the degrees separately.

Three Specializations to Serve Your Career Goals

Once your undergraduate work is complete, you’ll begin one of three specializations from the M.S.N. degree: Nursing Education, Executive Nurse Leadership, or Nursing Informatics. Each specialization includes a practicum, so you gain valuable direct experience in the nursing career you want.  

M.S.N. - Demonstrate Excellence in Nursing

The M.S.N. combines advanced nursing practices with creative thinking and evidence-based research so you’re prepared to succeed in a non-clinical role. M.S.N. nurses look at long-term careers such as nurse managers, hospital administrators, nurse educators, and informatics roles.

By graduation, you’re a nurse who can:

?       Transform clinical and educational procedures by integrating evidence-based practice

?       Design innovative strategies to improve practice environments

?       Use your knowledge of ethical and legal issues relevant to advanced nursing roles to better healthcare

?       Improve population health by advocating for equitable healthcare policies

?       Promote a culture of lifelong learning, embracing professional nursing standards and values

?       Improve patient outcomes through stronger patient safety and healthcare quality

Choose the Way You Earn Your R.N.-to-M.S.N. Degree

 ? 100% Online

 ? Take Your Undergraduate Courses on Campus, then finish 100% Online

Executive Nurse Leadership

Experienced nurses understand better than anyone how administrative decisions effect patient care. In our Executive Leadership specialization, you’ll learn how to operate like an executive while remaining focused on the patient.

With 21 credits dedicated to the specialization, you’re ready to lead in management and administration positions.

A Strong Career as a Nurse Leader

Have you ever noticed how the best leaders are those who once held the position they now oversee? That’s because they have personal experience in how decisions “made at the top” really effect day-to-day responsibilities. The industry has opened its eyes to the value an experienced clinical nurse brings to executive roles. Nurses are called on regularly to use combined experience in clinical nursing and executive leadership to draft policies, staff development, and practices that prioritize evidence-based care.

?       20% projected growth rate through 2026

?       Median wage of $96,540

?       Top 10% of nurse leaders earned $172,240

Demonstrate Excellence in Nursing

In an industry that’s changing constantly, strong leaders are needed to focus their teams on patient care as a priority while meeting administrative demands. In becoming a nurse leader, you increase your standards of excellence in bedside-care while learning how to manage the business side of health care.

By graduation, you’re a nurse who can:

?       Integrate leadership and systems theories to promote quality and safety within complex health systems

?       Improve patient outcomes through technology, evidence, and inter-professional


?       Apply business principles and practices within a healthcare delivery model

?       Develop strategies to meet regulatory standards based on analysis of current trends and data


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Classification: Doctoral/Research University—Intensive

Loans Offered: NSU's Office of Student Financial Aid administers federal, state, institutional, and private financial aid programs. For assistance with financial aid, students should contact the Financial Aid Office. NSU FAFSA Code: 001509.

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