A Headache And Its Types

By | March 28, 2018

I guess a headache is one of the annoying diseases. Ok, maybe for several reasons it is common to have a headache but it will interrupt you from anything you do. There are also several types of a headache but still, all of them are annoying and dangerous for the body. By the way, if you want to know more about a headache and the types; you should continue to read this article.

The Types Of Headache And How To Deal With It

There are many headache types, actually. However, here I will only give you ten types that commonly happen to people or a primary headache that happens to people. So, are you ready to know all the primary headache types? Take a note and make sure you get the new knowledge in your head about a headache. Here are the types of a headache:

  1. A tension headache

This is one of a headache with dull feeling and aching sensation all over your head. The other symptoms are you will get tenderness or sensitivity around your neck, scalp, forehead, and also muscles of your shoulder.

  1. A cluster headache

This headache feels like piercing pain and severe burning. It occurs around your eye or behind your one eye at a time.

  1. Migraines

It is like intense pulsing deep within your head. This usually occurs on one-sided of your head only.

  1. An allergy or a sinus headache

This comes the secondary types of a headache. It is clear occur because of the allergy or sinus.

  1. A hormone headache
  2. A caffeine headache
  3. An exertion headache
  4. A hypertension headache
  5. Rebound headaches
  6. Post-traumatic headaches

Ok, maybe I cannot explain the rest of the types but you can find out here: suesue.site. There is much explanation about a headache you will need the most from the website page. Therefore, you will get more information and knowledge you need. That is all.

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