Asus Zenfone Blog Suggestions For Overheat

By | August 4, 2017

Asus Zenfone BlogIt is a clear fact that when you are using your phone, the engine or the machine inside your phone is working to make the screen on. However, if your phone is overheating, the work behind the screen must be too hard. In this Asus Zenfone Blog, you will learn how to control the heat of the engine behind the screen. It is actually hard to guess, but normally, the most common component that usually works so hard is RAM or Random-Access Memory. It is the component that will load how many applications you use. For instance, if you are playing a game on your smartphone, RAM is its field to sustain the power of the game. If the field is so small, and the game was a giant, your RAM will work really hard to load the game. Therefore, you should consider what kind of application that is safe for your Zenfone RAM.

Asus Zenfone Blog Tricks To Overwhelm The Heat

As a Zenfone user, you should be a bit more careful in choosing the application or game that you are going to download because Asus launcher will usually eat RAM more than any other brands. Thus, you need to treat it more special to keep your Zenfone safe. Then, Asus Zenfone Blog suggests that if your Zenfone keeps overheating, you have to check your habit. You should not charge your phone too long, so you can avoid charging it before you sleep. After it shows 100% battery, you need to plug off the charger. The cable of your Zenfone can be influential, because every cable brings a different amount of electricity, so it is safer to use the original ones.

After doing the steps above, you should not forget about viruses. Indeed, it is a big possibility that your Zenfone is infected, especially if they are rooted or using a Custom ROM. Thus, you may install an antivirus to clean the virus. Last, you should put off your Zenfone case, because as the experience and information in Asus Zenfone Blog, the case may prevent the phone to cool itself down.

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