Bali Elephant Bathing Wonderful Tour Package

By | January 6, 2018

Bali is a wonderful tourist destination, with all of the beaches, all of the amazing natural scenery, and also a lot of amazing cultures there. Well, to complete your trip to Bali, have you ever tried Bali Elephant Bathing and breakfast trip? If you haven’t tried it, then you should try it for once. Located in Taro, Ubud, Bali, The Bali Bathing and breakfast with elephant trip is more likely one accommodation and event package rather than trip. In this accommodation package, you will receive lot of amazing benefits, and most importantly, you can enjoy bathing together with elephant, riding an elephant when they splash you with water during their bath time, and enjoy the delicious full free buffet while enjoying the sight of cute elephant drying their skin under warmth sunlight of Ubud Bali. Well, if you want to start out your day with amazing experience with an elephant, then you might need to try out this amazing package.

Bali Elephant Bathing Accommodation Package, And Wonderful Trip

The accommodation package includes the express check-in and online booking. All of the elephant park attractions and facilities are included in this package, along with full buffet breakfast, elephant education shows, elephant bathing, safari ride, hotel transport with air conditioner, and many more. This package also completed with accident insurance, so you don’t need to worry more about it. This is the complete package with a lot of benefits and also amazing experience you can get. The package is included with a tourist guide and elephant guide.

Before you order our package online, here are the key information you might need to know. The package and bathing with elephant are for 8+, and you will need to bring your bather yourself. There are a number of maximum capacity of order daily, so if you want to order it, you need to be quick. Elephant bathing and elephant park tour, complete with breakfast buffet, an amazing tour.

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