Best Sites For Hosting Files

By | March 17, 2018

There are two sites that can probably give you the best service in hosting files. Both sites will offer you with a different choice of services. But, both of them consider as the best files hosting sites nowadays. So, you might like to learn about the Siteground VS BlueHost for WordPress hosting sites through this article, for those of you who somehow run a blog, and you still looking for the best file hosting sites, you might like to learn about these both files hosting sites. So, in here, you will find the differences between these both sites. Well, if you want to know more about both of them, this article will let you know about the things that they offer to you as a blogger.

The Differences Between Siteground And Bluehost

In the siteground, you will find three different choices of methods that you could use to help you maintain your blog. The first one is the Startup mode, this mode available at $3.95 per month and you will also get 10 GB storage and for you who expect about 10.000 visitors on your blog, this is the perfect mode for you. Then, the second method is the GoBig, not for the beginner, but for entry level blogger, available at $5.95 each month, you will get 20 GB free storage and also you can manage multiple blogs with this mode. The GoBig mode will give you a flexibility that you can’t find in the Startup mode. The third is the GoGeek, for the bigger blog with at least 100.000 traffic on their blog, available at $11.95 and 30 GB storage. This file hosting site could be the best choice. But, you also need to know about the BlueHost, because in this article we talk about Siteground VS BlueHost for WordPress. Here the things that you need to know about the BlueHost.

BlueHost founded in 1996. When you looking for hosting site that really has experience, this site it’s the best one. You also can get everything cover with only use one mode, and it will only cost about $2.95 cheaper than the cheapest Siteground methods that they offer. But, in this site, you might be experiencing some lag, and a little slow and sometimes, the server will get maintenance at least once in a month. So, for you who looking for the best site that you will use to host your files, you can decide which one that you will use to help you maintain your blog. That’s all about the Siteground VS BlueHost for WordPress that we can share with you today.

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