Dangerous Bed Bugs For Your Skin

By | January 6, 2018

You might already have any knowledge about some insects. However, do you know some information about bed bugs? From the name, you can find out that this insect usually hides on your bed. Then, it also usually can be found that this insect has a different characteristic in the physical shape and also the habit. To know more about this insect, please kindly read the following paragraphs. There will be so many information related to this insect and also the characteristic of this insect.

Bed Bugs And Its Characteristics

Started from the shape, this insect called bed bugs has small shape. It also has an oval body that similar body with apple seed. You also have to know that this insect has a brownish body and also can bite you to get the blood to live. After this insect bite you, it will turn into reddish, as the body is full of the blood. Besides that, the body will also become swollen. Then, the body of this insect is quite flat and it helps them to hide in your bed and will make you difficult to find them out. You also have to know that this insect does not have the ability to fly.

However, they can make a very quick movement, so that it will make you feel difficult to catch the insect. Besides that, you also have to know that the eggs of this insect are very small and look like dust. The female of this insect will lay the eggs more than a hundred eggs in only one period. When this insect bites you, you have to be ready to feel the pain and also you can see the scars that are caused by this insect. So, what do you think about this insect? You also do not need to worry, because this insect does not transfer any disease. For more information about this insect, you can visit https://www.antiques-of-britain.co.uk.

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