How To Deal With Ingrown Fingernail

By | August 26, 2017

Health careIf you think that ingrown nails can only happen to toes, you must think it twice. For your information, this condition can also occur on your fingernails. However, it occurs less since we do not usually squeeze our fingers as much as we do it to our toes. On the other hand, it does not mean that it is impossible to happen. In fact, ingrown fingernails are possible and it may become infected. In this case, you may even feel pain as you do dishes because of this condition.

Best Ways To Deal With Ingrown Fingernail

Then, how can we deal with this problem? Before making an appointment with your doctor, you may like to try a self-treatment at home. This one is possible if you do not have any problem with diabetes or another medical state that requires professional treatment. It is actually simple to treat ingrown fingernail at home. First, you need to apply a warm compress or simply soak your infected finger in warm and soapy water for about 10 until 20 minutes. Do this treatment minimally two times per day. After that, apply the antifungal or antibiotic cream on your finger. Don’t forget to cover the infected area by using hygiene bandage.

In case, it causes a severe infection, you may need to call your doctor and talk about this problem. In common situations, your doctor may recommend some procedures to treat the problem. First, the doctor may lift up your nail gently then insert a little-medicated cotton wedge between your nail and skin that is inflamed beside the nail. It will be able to reduce the pain while making possible for the nail to properly grow later on. There is a possibility that your doctor may recommend you to go surgical excision. That’s all some best ways to deal with an ingrown fingernail.

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