Download Jpay On Your Smartphone

By | March 17, 2018

Nowadays, a smartphone makes people do things in the easier way. One of the examples is for the users of JPay; they can have their application on a smartphone. Of course, doing JPay login with the application will make you easier in doing some transaction on JPay account. It makes people prefer to use the application rather than visiting the official website of JPay since they might not always log in to the PC or laptop’s browser. Then, how are the steps to download and install the application on your smartphone? If you are curious about it, please read the following paragraphs for more information.

Downloading Jpay Application For Smartphone

In order to make you easier in doing JPay login through your smartphone, it would be good if you can consider having the application installed on your smartphone. Then, what steps that you have to do?

  • For Android Users

If you are Android users, you have to download the application from the Play Store. There, you can type the name of the application and then find it. After you find the application, you have to click the “Download” button. Then wait until the download is finished. After that, the process will continue until the installation is finished. So, you have to wait for that process.

  • For iOS Users

For the user of iOS, you also can download the application through App Store. There, you can find the application like when you are looking for the other application. After that, you also can do the download process and installation process, as the usual process you did with the other applications.

After you done with the installation process, you can directly open the application. There, you can start to log in to your account there. With the application installed on your smartphone, it will make you easier doing JPay login everywhere and every time.

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