Electric Cars Will Become Attractiveness

By | February 6, 2018

Having a personal vehicle is the desire of many people. Most people will choose the model they like and also consider the fuel efficiency. This time there is a new breakthrough, a car with electric power with considerable driving force is the Volvo electric car. Volvo electric car plans the manufacture of electric cars with large sizes and will be released in 2019 later. The factory will distribute this car to the rest of the world and they are hoping that the emergence of this car will be an extraordinary thing because according to the prediction, a car with electric fuel instead of oil-based fuel will become a trend in 2019.

Knowing The Power Of Electric Cars

First electric car that specially made by Volvo will have approxiamtely 100-kWh battery that assembled in China, as revealed by Mats Anderson (senior director of electric propulsion), in February this year. With the condition of the battery is fully charged, this car will be able to travel a distance of 250 miles. For comparison, the Tesla Model S 100D with fully charged battery conditions has a range of approximately 335 miles, according to EPA estimates. It is a good news for the people who have thought that the use of the gas from earth will cause more damage and start to think of changing their choice by using a car with electric power

Volvo will fix the price for their first electric car for around 30,000 to 40,000, with the consideration that this car is more accessible to buyers and the presence of electric cars with great power will be acceptable in the market. This car will have a shape like a SUV or sedans. However, this is not clear which platform they will choose to produce their first electric car. you can dance to know more about this first electric car from Volvo by visiting http://www.carreleaseandspecs.com.

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