The Facts of Coffee for Health You Should Know

By | October 4, 2017

Health lifeWell, who doesn’t know coffee; almost all people know his kind of brewed drink. It is prepared from roasted coffee beans, the seeds from plants from genus Coffea. In fact, this kind of drink has a lot of advantages though some people may think that drinking coffee is not good for health. Coffee, either Arabica or Robusta, has a lot of nutrition that our body needs. There are so many studies have proved it as well. So, here are some advantages of coffee that may help you make your day.

Benefits of Coffee for Your Health

The coffee beans contain a lot of diverse nutrition which still exists until it is served as a cup of coffee. So, a cup of coffee is not just ‘black water’. A cup of coffee contains at least 11 percent of Riboflavin (vitamin B2), 6 percent of Panthotenic acid (vitamin B5), 3 percent of manganese and Potassium, and 2 percent of Magnesium and Niacin (vitamin B3). All of those amounts are measured based on the RDA or Recommended Dietary Allowance, which is an estimation of the amount of nutrition per day needed to keep the body healthy. It may seem insignificant percentage of nutrition though, but the fact, most people especially coffee lovers drink more than a cup of coffee a day. Certainly, the amount of the nutrition increase as the more coffee consumed.

Besides, coffee has the ability to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a gigantic health problem this whole world must be facing. There is about 300 million type 2 diabetics in the world nowadays. Studies have shown that coffee consumers have the risk of being affected by type 2 diabetes about 23 to 50 percent smaller than the ones who don’t consume coffee. Even though another research reported that the risk can be reduced to 67 percent.

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