Good Time of Healthy Sleep

By | August 31, 2017

Health careNight time is the best time to sleep. It is not a matter of habit that people who work during the day will sleep at night, but naturally, it is seen that daylight is more suitable for work and night time is used to rest or sleep. Implementation outside these natural rules will lead to a greater burden and result in unhealthy conditions. As the proof is that the night watchmen, and the cinema stars who work at night as a consequence of having to sleep during the day, such things can create an influence that can interfere with his health.

How Sleep Affects Your Body

Sleep affects the body’s metabolism and stimulates the power of assimilation if sleeping too long even unhealthy because our bodies absorb or assimilate can waste and steam-vapor again, so that if we sleep over time then consequently the body becomes unfriendly. It is recommended to set the interval (period) of activity and rest becomes shorter. The best example is what is done by the Prophet Muhammad SAW, he usually goes to bed not too late and then wakes up moments after midnight to perform Tahajud prayer, the next few moments before noon he slept for a moment. There are also people who suggest that to go to bed late and then wake up late, things like this are practically unnatural. We know that even animals, including birds, wake up early in the morning, a Muslim is commanded to get up early and perform the dawn prayers and this practice is in harmony with the natural state of health.

Sleeping lying on your back is unhealthy, because pressing or smothering the spine, sometimes even causing you to go to the toilet, also sleeping on your stomach or lying face down is not practical for breathing. The amount of sleep on the left side of the body (facing left) can interfere with our health, because it squeezes the heart so that the blood circulation is disrupted and reduces the blood supply to the brain, if this happens we will experience sad dreams sad, nightmares even walking in sleeping situation Sleeping position Best according to science is on the right side of the body (facing right).

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