Language As A Communication Tool

By | March 7, 2018

Language is the way we communicate with other people. In this world, there are millions of languages ​​used to communicate. In Indonesia, there are ​up to thousands of regional languages, and the Indonesian language is used as a national language. I studied more deeply, then there is much to learn about language. How to deliver the language, the meaning of a phrase, an understanding of the intent of a sentence and so on. On this occasion, we will talk about phrases or in French is called frases. What is a phrase?

A Little Knowledge Of Phrases

The phrase or in French is called a frases is a grammatical unit consisting of two or more words and its function does not exceed the limit. Although this word is a combination of two or more words, it does not change its meaning. In accordance with the limits mentioned, it can be concluded that the properties possessed by the phrase, is a phrase is a grammatical unit consisting of two or more words. A phrase is a unit that does not exceed the functional limit of the clause element, meaning that the phrase is always contained in a clause element function, for example, subject, predicate, object, or description. There is no new meaning in the new word.

Learning a language especially in understanding phrases or in French is called frases is necessary because a broad understanding of the language will help us to better understand every word or phrase we hear from others or words and sentences we read from books. When we study about language, we will be able to understand the difficult words and will be able to capture the implied messages of what is expressed, and usually, understand the meaning contained in a sentence is more important than simply understanding the outside of a statement.

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