Maintaining Health Tips When Coming Month

By | March 29, 2018

Come month or menstruation is a monthly activity experienced by a woman. Menstruation itself is a physiological change of the body that is affected by the activity of hormones FSH-Estrogen and LH-Progesterone. In general, the menstrual cycle occurs in women every 28 days. However, usually, each woman has a different menstrual cycle. Menstruation itself usually occurs for 3 to 7 days. The length of time of menstruation depends on the body’s hormone condition in women.

When menstruation comes, usually women will feel uncomfortable. This is because they will experience some problems such as hip pain, chest pain, easily emotional, tired, and feel lazy to move. If this happens, it will certainly make all the daily work to be disturbed. Therefore, it is necessary a way for women to stay fresh and fit despite having menstruation.

Well, Here’s How to Stay Healthy and Fresh During Menstruation

  1. Eating Healthy and Nutritious Foods

During menstruation, the woman will need more energy than usual. Therefore, it is advisable to consume various types of foods that contain many nutrients, such as fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, fish, etc.

  1. Sports

Although the body feels less comfortable during menstruation, do not let the women forget their obligation to exercise. In fact, exercise can make a woman’s body become more relaxed during menstruation. Some light exercise to choose from are jogging, gymnastics, yoga, and cycling.

  1. Taking Vitamins

Vitamins are also needed by the body when women are menstruating. This is because vitamin has benefits to increase stamina. In addition, the vitamin was also able to stretch the muscle in the uterine wall so as to reduce pain during menstruation.

Well, that’s some way to stay healthy and fit during menstruation. By doing the things above, then menstruation will not be a reason anymore for women to complain and laze. There is one other important factor that must be considered by women during menstruation, which is cleaning the environment or feminine area. The hygiene of feminine area can be maintained by diligently changing the pads at least 3-4 times a day. Similarly, tips on maintaining health during menstruation. Maybe useful.

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