Monochrome Trend on Home Decorating

By | March 24, 2018

Do you know how many ideas of homes nowadays? There are so many ideas of homes but not all of them fit for your desire. Do not worry, I will tell you the monochrome trend for your home decorating ideas. It may give you inspiration for your new design of home and rooms. It is not easy to have comfortable and beautiful. So, here are the tips for you.

The Ideas of Monochrome Trend on Home Decorating for Simple Look

The simple look will give your eyes more comfortable. You do not need too much consideration related to the color scheme in your rooms to look good to see. Here, I will recommend you to have monochrome theme and color scheme for your home. Here are the tips:

  1. Monochrome is two-tone colors you should choose as your room color scheme. Home decorating ideas using this theme will need two colors with perfect fusion. You can choose white and black, maroon with soft baby pink or another color such as fresh light green with dark army green.
  2. You should choose that two-color scheme for the furniture, ornament on the wall such as frame, bookshelves and so on. The floor should be fit in those colors too.
  3. If you think, you want to have another color such as the natural color for the floor, for example. You can add the neutral brown on the floor.
  4. Then, you should choose the neutral light for the lighting.
  5. This monochrome theme will tend to be a modern house with simple and minimalist furniture in it.

So, you just need to choose the perfect furniture and all the best color for the walls and others. Ok, maybe you need to see the example here: So, that is it. You will see more pictures of monochrome theme houses there. Hope you like it as your inspiration.

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