How To Overcome Breath Shortness You Need To Know?

By | March 3, 2018

Some people experience the breath shortness or difficulty breathing in just a short time, but some people experience it in the long term, for weeks. Maybe the shortness breath that you get is not due to the medical urgency, you can try some of the following steps as a way to deal with breath shortness without using drugs.

Learn Some Respiratory Techniques

Breathing technique as a simple and easy way to deal with breath shortness. This technique helps slow down your breathing rate, it makes every breath get deeper and also effective more. It is necessary to do it anytime when experiencing breath shortness, for example when bending, and also lifting the objects, or when climbing the stairs. Close your mouth while inhaling and take a slow breath with the nose in two counts, and exhale slowly through the cleft lip or mouth until the fourth count. Sitting forward and slightly bent. Rest while you are sitting will help to relax our body and the breathing will be easier. Let sit on a chair by the sole of the foot on the floor, slightly leaning forward. Place your elbows gently on the knees, you can try to hold the chin with a hand. The muscles of the neck and also shoulders should remain relaxed.

Standing against the wall or other can help the body to relax and respiratory tract. Stand up and lean against the wall with your hip attached. Keep your legs shoulder-width apart, then your hands are next to your thighs. Relax and lean forward slightly. You can also stand while your palms rest on the table and relax the neck muscles and also shoulder muscles. Try to breathe while lying sideways and the pillow is between the legs, then an elevated head resting on your pillow. Keep your back in square shape. Lying on the back with an elevated head resting on a pillow and knees bent by putting a pillow on the knee. Both positions help the body and relax the airways, make the breathing is easier.

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