How To Play Pokemon Go?

By | December 11, 2017

tutuapp pokemon go

Everyone knows how much popular Pokemon Go is. You may play this game like the other people around the world who are really into this game. Despite the fact that some countries prohibited the game to be played in their area, it is still becoming a great game to try even for you who are a beginner in playing a game like this. If you are new for the game, you must like to learn anything about the game, especially how to play the game. So, do you want to learn more?

How To Play Pokemon Go For Beginners?

Well, it is surely an easy thing to do if you are likely to play the game. This game is available for smartphone devices. You can use both Android and iOS devices to play the game. Of course, you will need to download the game first on the app store to make it available on your phone. Pokemon Go Apk is also available if you are more likely to download game and app through the Apk version. You can simply go to reliable Apk sources to find the game and download it right away. The game is free, so you do not need to think about the cost when you download it.

After you finish downloading the game, you can continue to sign up so that you can play the game later. You can personalize your avatar, choose gender, hair color, clothes and so on after you register for the game. If you have done with the setting, you can go to the real game. Here, you will find the map of this game. It is like an animated version of the Google Maps that you may be familiar with. If you need more engaging tips and tricks to play the game, you can check on

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