The Right Treatment For Contact Lenses

By | March 10, 2018

What is contact lenses? They are medical devices that you wear on your eyes. Therefore, the right treatment is necessary when you have contact lenses. For example, when you have Sweety Spatax Gray, you need to treat them with care. In fact, if you purchase the lenses from Softlensqueen, they will give you the case. This case should be treated with care too since you will store the lenses in the case. If your case is dirty then your lenses will be dirty too. Therefore, keeping a case clean is necessary.

Tips For Keeping A Case Clean By Softlensqueen

Softlensqueen is not just selling contact lenses only, but they also give you some tips to maintain your contact lenses. Therefore, read this post below to know the right thing to do when it comes to keeping the case clean.

  1. Use new lens clean solution

After you use your contact lenses and you are about to put them in the case, you need to empty out the case. After that, using new and fresh lens clean solution to refill the case. You need to keep the solution in the case fresh. You need read the instruction on the label too. Check the expired date.


  1. Clean the lens case

It’s not just your hands that need to be cleaned when you want to wear contact lenses. The case should be cleaned too. Your case should be in a good and clean condition so the lens is also in good and healthy condition. After you empty the case out, leave it open to the air to dry out. Avoid using cloth, tissue, or towel to dry your case. Why? The line from cloth and towel as well as the fiber from tissue can get in the case and infected your contact lenses.

That’s how you keep the case clean. If you want to buy the new Sweety Spatax Gray, you can check Softlensqueen for an interesting deal!

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