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Easy Tips To Laminate Flooring

staircase landingsWooden laminate flooring became the easiest and low-cost flooring options for any home. It is very easy to install, didn’t take too long to install, and it is also very cheap. To install laminate flooring, you will need many tools such as Prybar, Handsaw, Pencil, Pullbar, spacing blocks, hammer, tape measure, tapping block, and finishing nails. The laminate flooring options are very cheap, rather very easy to do, and you don’t need professional help to install it. With the correct materials and tools, you can install it by yourself at home. Now, we are going to show you step by step instructions on how to install wooden laminate flooring at your house. It is very easy to do, now without wasting any more time, let us go to the instructions, shall we?

Step By Step Instructions To Install Laminate Flooring

Step one install laminate flooring is to acclimate your wooden flooring. It is needed to prevent buckling after the installing.  Step two is to remove baseboard molding. You will need to remove any molding your room has, remove it using Prybar or hammer. Next, lay out your underlayment. Install your underlayment without overlapping any sheet. Cut the overlapping trim, and make sure no nails or debris beneath the underlay. Next is, planning your layout. You will need to plan on your wooden flooring layout, which directions you will lay your planks, and make sure to leave a quarter of inch gap between planks and walls.

Now, cut the first row, and lay your first planks carefully. You will need to count on how many and how long of each plank to fit the length and size of your room. Now, after finishing your first row, continue to lay the second, third until the last row is finished. Cut the wooden door casing at least 1/16 height of the wooden flooring. Lastly, reinstall the baseboard molding, using hammer and finishing nail. That’s it on step by step instructions to install laminate flooring.