Three Kinds of Stuff for the Funeral Gift Ideas Instead Of Flowers

By | October 12, 2017

healing stages of a tattooLosing our beloved ones has never been easy, it can be very devastating and affect us mentally. Death is something inevitable though. However, that is what life about, nothing last forever. When one is dead, we want to see them for the last time and give them the last goodbye. In an occasion like that, we tend to give something symbolic. It is very common that we bring flowers to their funeral and place it near the gravestone. If you were thinking to bring the funeral gift ideas instead of flowers, you are reading the right article. We will give you some gift ideas you can bring to show the condolence. Check the paragraph below!

Three Decent Things for Funeral Gift Ideas Instead of Flowers

Yes, flowers are beautiful and have lots of meaning for each kind. Whether you bring it just one single flower, in a bouquet, or in a pretty arrangement, they are still meaningful. But we are not going to talk about flowers. Here are the funeral gift ideas instead of flowers:

  1. A framed photograph. Every photograph has a story behind it that will just be a sweet memory to remember. If you have a memorable photograph with your “lost” loved one, you can print it out and place it in a pretty frame. You can also print one of their photo alone to show how much you will miss them.
  2. Giving a donation. Instead for buying stuff for funeral gifts, you can save your cash for the donation and give it to the bereaved family. Some people lose their lives from severe illness and giving the charitable donation can help their family with the burden.
  3. Potted plants. Flowers can easily die within two or three days. If you want something that will last longer, you can give pretty potted plants instead.

So, there are the three funeral gift ideas instead of flowers you can bring to show the deepest condolence. Have a good day!

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