Understanding Infantigo And Its Symptoms

By | February 6, 2018

Most people must have heard of infantigo, but many of them do not know what infantigo is. Most of the others even have not known this at all. Okay, here we will discuss the scientific understanding, where infantigo is one skin disease in which the skin is experiencing abnormalities caused by some microbes such as fungi, viruses, bacteria and also some infectious diseases. Where this disease can attack all parts of the body from the face, body, legs and body parts that are not visible though. This disease is one of the diseases that occur in the skin is characterized by the appearance of red spots which contain fluid inside. This disease is very vulnerable to the skin surface in the form of folds, such as the knees, elbows, neck and other limbs.

Some Symptoms Occur In Infantigo

Before we do the treatment, then it would be better to know the symptoms of this disease first because the feared disease that occurs is not a type of this disease. As for some symptoms of an infantigo disease, among them are as follows:

  1. For general symptoms will be started one to three days after the occurrence of infection by bacteria that cause disease
  2. Early symptoms are the occurrence of wounds that begin with the red spots first, where these early symptoms will often be found in the area around the face, nose, and mouth
  3. The wound caused by small red spots has an itchy feeling but does not cause pain
  4. The wound that comes from the itchy red spots will experience the split and then the virus widened with the existing fluid inside which has a clear color
  5. After a few days, the blisters become thick and dry crust and then disappear and leave a red spot without any injury

These are some of the things that are associated with one of the infantigo skin diseases and the possible symptoms of the disease. More info directly visits his website http://www.infantigo.net.

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